Direct Response Creative Guidelines
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Creative Guidelines
  Always have a bold, attention-getting headline.
  The headline should communicate the number one benefit of the product, or at the very least, entice your target audience to read on. Try to avoid the cute or fluffy headlines that may win creative awards but minimize response.
  Use copy efficiently and effectively.
  Sub points should tell the story. No more than 3 paragraphs, unless it is an advertorial. Develop your unique selling point and articulate it clearly. Keep your opening paragraph down to a minimum. A long first paragraph frightens readers away. All paragraphs should be as short as possible; long paragraphs are fatiguing. Remember, people buy benefits, not features.
  Use hot words.
  For example, "At Last...", "Announcing...", "Now...", "The Secret of...", "New!", etc.
  Whenever possible in a Display Ad, show the product.
  People want to see what they're going to receive when they order. The photo or graphic on the ad should also be relative to some type of scale. Doing this will communicate to the customer the actual size.
  When possible, show the product in use.
  Illustrating the product in use will provide immediate impact and will assist in communicating some of the benefits.
  Pictures must complete a story.
  If a picture doesn't tell a story or cause the reader want to read on, it isn't the right picture. Try to use a caption with your visual.
  Use bullets, check marks and numbers to break up your copy.
  The strategic use of bullets, check marks and/or numbers in your ad copy can help make your ad look less cluttered and easier to read.
  Phone numbers and logos should be called out clearly.
  Try bold text or a bullet or burst.
  If the price is attractive, it should be called out clearly.
  Try bold text or a bullet or burst.
  Avoid a cluttered ad.
  Avoid symmetry.
  Avoid small text in the ad body.
  Try to stick with at least 10 to 12 point type size.

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