Marketing Tips! - November 2013
"The Importance of Repetition, Repetition, Repetition"

1) People Forget

When is the last time you forgot something? If you are like most people, it was probably pretty recently. Maybe you have forgotten the last time you forgot something. You get the idea! We all forget. Although an ad sounds great to someone, the pressures of the daily grind can be overwhelming, leaving your fabulous ad buried in the back of someone’s mind. However, if the next week the same person sees your message again, the brain takes note. There is a much better chance of your ad surviving this time, imagine if they see it the following week as well. This can all lead to the call or the site visit that makes the sale.

2) 2 Out of 3 Ads Are Missed

Consumers are constantly being marketed to. Television commercials, radio commercials, pop-up ads, we can’t escape it! People are being trained to ignore ads. There have been studies that show that 2 ads out of every 3 you communicate are ignored. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for mistakes. When someone is ready to be receptive of your ad, and it is not there you have lost a potential client. In order to make sure you are there when they are ready, run your ads often.

3) Situations Change

People and their situations are in a constant state of change. Jobs, families, financial situations, and so on are always changing, leaving people ready for your product and services at different times. Unexpected changes leave people looking at ads in different ways. For example, one week a woman could be a stay at home mom, then unexpected financial troubles arise and she is forced back into the work force. The very next week she will be looking at Job Opportunity ads and Child Care options. Will your ads be there when these changes arise?

4) Take Advantage of Frequency Discounts

Running a classified ad in Georgia, for 4 weeks, will cost you $1680.00. However, with US Newspapers’ frequency discount, you will save almost $120.00. This discount is offered as an incentive to run your ads often. We understand that your success directly relates to the frequency of ads placed. Take advantage of this discount and place your ads often.

5) Make the Most of Your Budget

Every company, business, and individual has a different budget for advertising. We have options for every budget. The idea of a large full page ad sounds great; however, running it one time can only reach so many. If you can afford to do that, you can probably afford to run a smaller ad a few more times, meaning more people have the opportunity to see your ad. The same goes for our Classified program. If you can afford to run a classified ad in California for one week, why don’t you consider running the same ad in our Northern California region for two weeks? Use frequency to your advantage. Always weigh your options.

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