Marketing Tips! - February 2015
Who Should You Be Marketing To?

Knowing exactly who your customers are is the simplest way to determine where you should be advertising and what you should be saying. You can greatly increase your advertising results by catering to an audience you know is interested.

Here are some tips that will help you determine who you should be marketing to:

1) Study your Current Customers.

Who are your customers? There are two (or so) methods of thinking… 1) You have a very specific customer-type in mind, you only want to cater to these customers. 2) Anyone with a pulse is a potential customer. It is difficult to turn away ANY business, however you are going to save yourself time and money if you can profile your customer-type and market directly to them. Ultimately, you will end up with longer term, quality customers if you know who you should be looking for and market to them.

2) Do Some Market Research.

This goes along with number 1. However, it has its own number because it is so vitally important for you to know what is going on in the market. Stay on top of current events and trends. Use current happenings to your advantage. For example if banana sales are way down this quarter, perhaps know would be a good time to advertise your home-grown oranges. That example may be a little elementary; however you may be surprised at how current events affect your business.

3) Get Personal (within reason.) .

Talking with and relating to your customers can help you learn a lot about who is buying your products and why, enabling you to create a pretty accurate customer profile. Getting to know your clients on a more personal level, not only does wonders for your marketing strategies, but it benefits you on a customer service level too! That is a two for one, my friends! Ask away. You may find that most of your customers are retired men who live in the suburbs or maybe your customers come primarily from rural areas, and consist mostly of middle-aged family women who drive mini-vans. All this information is very helpful when planning a marketing campaign.

4) Take surveys.

Surveys can be a valuable way to help you discover who is buying your products and/or services. You can offer your current customer base a discount on their next order to fill out a short survey mapping their basic demographic information. This survey will prove to be invaluable when determining a marketing strategy. Many companies have implemented surveys on their websites to gather data on new clients, this is a great way to get information that will hugely enhance the success of future marketing campaigns. Mailed and/or emailed surveys can work too!

5) Cater to your customers.
  Cater to your customers. You now know who your target audience is. Use this information to help you figure out what publications they read, what websites they visit, what radio stations they listen to, etc. Think about the problems that this group of people face, what benefits does your product offer them, how can you make their lives easier? Speak to them. Having an ideal customer helps you determine where to spend your advertising budget and what to say.
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